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Venetian Fete 2022

Congratulations to Hythe Twinning’s Triple Winners

The journey of an award winning float building team begins with an idea for a theme.

Pen is put to paper and the idea  takes shape for the first time in a drawing and model.

The team of volunteers meet at a working committee and progress continues with buying, begging and borrowing materials. Many more meetings and build sessions to come.

Building begins in a garage and on a driveway. Several weeks follow as the tension builds along with the structure. Will it be built in time, do we have enough volunteers, how will it come together, be transported to the canal and float.


Gradually it comes together, the end is in sight but not quite. Modifications  and arrangements are made to transport the float to canal side.


Venetian fete week now canal side, final adaptions and the light up for the first time. All seems on track and safely tucked under a tarpaulin till the final reveal. Anxiously watching other competitors furiously building away alongside.


Venetian fete day. The team are canal side early morning awaiting the rowing boat and putting final touches in place.


The parade begins  with the daylight parade  followed by the illuminated night parade. 


The final test, safely rowed throughout, the lighting and effects do their job, our team dressed to impress. Now to be judged.



  • 1st prize Class Two Small  Societies and Clubs

  • 1st prize Best Rowers

  • 1st prize Best Illuminated Tableau


A fantastic achievement of one I am immensely proud , particularly in our 40th celebration year of Twinning and goes without saying would not be possible without many people putting in hours of hard work, dedication and passion to see this through. The tradition of Hythe Twinning Association’s float building lives on. Enjoy the images below:

The Cast

The Rowers

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