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Armistice Day 2022 - Friday November 11th

I know it seems early to be thinking of this but I’m sure many of you are aware of changes to the procedure for crossing the Channel and to the costs of a crossing. Check-in times are now 90 minutes rather than 60 and the cost of the Tunnel element of the trip has gone up markedly. These have impacted our usual routine for the trip so we need to gain an idea as to the numbers interested before we make a firm booking. The travel schedule will be as follows:

● Pick up at Red Lion Sq 5.00am

● Shuttle 6.50am

● Arrive at Etaples Military Cemetery 9.30am French time

● Depart for Berck in time for arrival at 10.30am

● Depart Berck 3.30pm

● Return Shuttle 18.20pm

● Return to Red Lion Sq 18.30pm UK time Travel cost will be in the region of £40-£42

We don’t have a cost for the lunch yet but as a guide it was 30 euros last time, to be collected on the coach. And please remember that passports need 6 months validity from issue date on the day of travel.

To gauge the level of interest, please either reply to this email or text/ring me (07552 386039) to say if you will definitely be coming, or quite likely to come, by Sept 3rd.

Look forward to hearing from you, Best wishes, Kevin

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