• Bob Bruce

Ten and More! - Famous Belgians by Melanie Gibson Barton

On Saturday 18th of May, there were some surprises in store for Twinning Members who enjoyed this wide-ranging talk on way more than just ten Belgians. There were plenty of “Well, I didn't know that moments!".

If someone says ‘Belgium’ you tend to think Art, Chocolates and Beer, so it was very interesting for Twinning Members to hear Melanie Gibson-Barton’s talk ’Ten - and more! - Famous Belgians’ and realise there are many more reasons to be grateful to this lovely country"

The venue was the Burton Hall (Scouts Headquarters) in Hythe and the Twinning committee prepared and provided an excellent Ploughman’s Supper. The rave reviews praised both speaker and catering and the audience gave glowing feedback on the whole evening. Unfortunately we have no photos to prove what an exception evening it was, must try harder next time!

Please watch out for more of these entertaining events, organised for you by your hard-working committee.

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