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Kite Festival - Berck sur Mer

Hythe Twinning Association 
Berck sur Mer - Kite Festival - Day Trip -  24th April 2022

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A splendid day on Sunday to Kite Fest, Berck sur Mer. This amazing spectacle is set against a backdrop of  white wide sandy beach, sparkling sea and blue sky as you can see in the photos.

Thousands of kites of all shapes and sizes adorned the beach. Some static anchored to the beach and some flown by expert kiters in a musical display . Gigantic figures including cartoon characters, horses, whales and sea life filled the skies with colour and movement.

Our members and guests enjoyed free time in Berck to sample the local delights. Frites, pâtisseries, bonbons and beer being the order of the day.

Our day was rounded off by a group meal together. All in all a wonderful day out.

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